SysBright is bespoke software it takes a simple idea, the T-Card board display concept, and keeps it simple, with a solution that is specifically tailored for your requirements.
A SysBright TCard board is typically used for Tracking, Planning or Scheduling purposes, but its uses are many fold.

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A strong demand is recognised for the graphical display that SysBright provides.

  • This has a number of advantages:
    • Ease of Use, point click, drag and drop.
    • Reduced Learning Time
    • Rapid Situation Recognition.
    • Graphical display means faster responsiveness.
  • SysBright takes this simple idea but then tailors the display and particularly the layout of the Tee Cards to your specific requirements.
  • Where appropriate the t-cards can be made to respond to specific events causing the cards to reposition and change colour. The event may be date, time, or field population.
  • Security: User Functionality can be restricted.
  • The T Cards can link to other third party products, additional information can be launched from the cards, e.g. pictures, documents or links to other systems e.g. invoicing.

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Contact Us Existing Clients Pricing Features

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